Dear Friends,

Thanks for your kind support for upgrading the professionalism through self Survey & helped me in identifying the Black sheep in the community who are working as Contact Surveyors in name of Corporate Surveyors. We have already forwarded complaints regarding Violation of regulations to Authorities & Authorities has initiated action against those members. Now a strong message has been sent to all such members who are continuous violating regulation & code of conduct that IIISLA Council is now relentlessly working for the betterment of profession. Your support has really boosted up our morale.
With reference to the several events which were unfolding under the pretext of Benevolent fund initiated by the council, I would put before you the following for your consideration and Iam sure after going through the same you will appreciate the efforts of council in initiating the noble cause which will help the bereaved family members of our fellow surveyors .
It has been observed during the last year they were around 100 deaths reported to office from various sources like chapters, units and google groups and other media. The details of the deaths such as date of death, reasons, cause of death etc were not available with the office. On further analysis and ground work it is observed that only accidental deaths are being reported to the office by the family members and friends but natural deaths were not brought to the notice. It is also observed that even if the death is brought to the notice it was only for raising the funds to support the bereaved family by way of contributions. I appreciate the concern of the all the members who have and are whole heartedly supporting for the cause by way of individual contributions to the bereaved families. Please empathise and think of the emotions of the family members while accepting the contributions from individual fellow surveyors. Many a times a natural death of member surveyor may go unnoticed as the family and friends may not report or may report it belatedly to office with an attitude of “bol ke kaya karlenge” karna tho hum ko hi hain”. You are aware that there will be limitations for each individual member to support the fellow member’s family based on several constraints and bottlenecks. We thought there should be a common platform and fund from which we could source the benefits to the bereaved families of members. I sincerely request you give a serious thought before passing adverse comments on the Benevolent fund which is purely initiated for the welfare of the entire community, and will definitely appreciate the suggestions to improve the methodology and modus operandi in disbursement of benefits.
I would like bring your attention to other part on the Benevolent Fund “ why now”. We were contemplating the same since long and extensive ground work has been done before initiating the same. We have taken the bench mark to start the same in the financial year and hence have chosen the date for the same as 01.04.2016 with an intention of “nek kaam me deri kis bath ki” and “ab nahi tho phir kab”.
Now there were also some fake messages flared among members about our own Benevolent Fund ,Friends I want to bring it to your kind notice that Benevolent Fund was only introduced for the financial help of member in case of any crisis, but some of members who themselves have deposited their BF in advance have flared a wrong message among members to confuse members. Some of the members are taking it as a Election Stunt and Agenda because it is our hard luck that due to Lacunae in AOA our IIISLA always remains in election mode & If anyone wishes to do something for the betterment of community, few unscrupulous members infer the same as an Election Stunt. I am unable to comprehend why my friends from Kerala have approached IRDAI officials to intervene in the subject matter whereas IRDAI has no role to influence in our own internal issue.

Moreover Friends it is further clarified that annual subscription for BF fee is only Rs.1000/- irrespective of membership status & Rs.2000/- is for one time Corpus Fund because without any mortality statistics available for the group with us it is very difficult to predict the exact claims ratio of the group in the near future. We have come across that members based on their rough calculations are claiming that only Rs. 700.00 per year may be sufficient to the implementation of the scheme. As you aware that any Insurance company while devising the premiums and contributions for any fund will assume certain claims ratio’s ( initially for a period of two or three years)and fix the premiums and contributions initially in the absence of statistics pertaining to mortality of the group. However after the said period they will review the premiums and contributions based on the actual claims ratio and they will revise the premiums and contributions, i.e if the actual claims ratio is more than the assumed ratio, they might increase the level of contribution or vice versa. Based on the claims ratio after implementation of the scheme, we may also do the same.
Simply because the idea is floated by Shri Nirmal Tripathi or infact by any other member who is a well wisher of the fraternity, do we need to create such ruckus about the same. I would like to bring to your kind notice that the Mr. Nirmal Tripathi is not a part of the Benevolent Fund Committee which is already constituted and notified to all. It may be observed that Council will have no role to play in the Benevolent Fund Managing committee except to oversee functionality of the Committee. We welcome the suggestions from all the corners with regard to modalities, functionalities regarding effective implementation of the Benevolent Fund.
Moreover as BF is a welfare measure for the members of IIISLA, all the administrative expenses with regard to the BF will be borne by office from the other income of office and the outgo from the funds will be only Rs. 5,00,000.00 and Rs.2,00,000.00 as the case may be.
I understand that it will be a burden to contribute to the fund at that start of financial year owing several constraints, but this magnanimous gesture of yours will give a satisfaction that you have started the year with a good cause which will help the needy families of our friends. We need to remember that “pills are bitter to taste but they will keep us in good health” I am sure you all will agree with me and do what is just and definitely take active part in this endeavour.
With regard to the interference of IRDAI in the issue, it is time to question that whether any approval is required for IIISLA to put or start any welfare measures for the welfare of the members. I am sure you all will have the same opinion of “no“ just like mine. We have already send them our objections regarding their interference stating the relevant provisions available with us as per the powers conferred by the AOA of IIISLA (The mail copy is enclosed for your reference).
We have also informed IRDAI the detailed chronology of the events informing the back drop of initiating the Benevolent fund and requested to appreciate the concern of the council for providing the buffer to the bereaved families of all the surveyors who are prone to risk during their life time. (The mail copy is enclosed for your reference).
Regarding long pending demand for Rectification of our Membership Register, I want to assure you all that the Council is on the job & soon we will update our membership register as per our AOA.

Your Support will really boost up me and Council to work hard for the betterment of profession.

With best wishes and regards
Lalit Gupta
President - IIISLA


"To empower and enrich the skill set of its members to perform their statutory role of Loss Assessors / Loss Adjusters, to ensure appropriate / adequate indemnity to the policy holder in case of an unfortunate occurrence of loss / damage due to accidents / perils; afforded / indemnified by the policy held; commensurate with the fiduciary obligation of an insurer assuming the risk covered by such policy held by the insured."
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