Who Can Join This Profession
As per Section 64UM (1) (D) of the Insurance Act, 1938, the eligibility criteria for joining this profession are as follows

How To Join This Profession
Every person who is an individual and intending to act as a surveyor and loss assessor in respect of general insurance business shall apply to the IRDA for grant of licence in FORM-IRDA-1-AF The IRDA shall, before granting licence, take into consideration all matters relating to the duties, responsibilities and functions of surveyor and loss assessor and satisfy itself that the applicant is a fit and proper person to be granted a licence. In particular and without prejudice to the foregoing, the IRDA shall satisfy itself that the applicant, in addition to submitting the application complete in all respects


"To empower and enrich the skill set of its members to perform their statutory role of Loss Assessors / Loss Adjusters, to ensure appropriate / adequate indemnity to the policy holder in case of an unfortunate occurrence of loss / damage due to accidents / perils; afforded / indemnified by the policy held; commensurate with the fiduciary obligation of an insurer assuming the risk covered by such policy held by the insured."
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